We solve the pain of repetitive and intrusive information requests.




Investors complete a one-and-done secure and private passport which they own and they control to whom it is shared.



Funds use our approved profiles to launch more quickly, easily and cost effectively with close support from our experienced team.



Administrators can trust our work.





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We help your investors subscribe and your fund to launch more quickly, easily and accessibly


One and done: Universal Subscription Questionnaire service offers a securities law questionnaire developed with input from over 35 global legal firms.


No more confusion: Investors complete only the questions that are relevant for their investment.


Shrink your Subscription booklet: To only a few pages.


Lower Legal Fees: Costs reduce from faster fund launches and less legal time spent chasing your investors.


Faster closings: Our dedicated Fund Closing team helps your investors and works with your counsel to your deadline.


A One-and-Done ‘Passport’


Intuitive and trusted: Know Your Customer service allows investors to create and complete a profile once and then share it with their investments.


Pre-populated information makes investors’ lives easier.


Internationally compliant: KYC profile adopts the highest international standards across all principal fund jurisdictions.


Digital document verification – no need to send paper copies for signing.


Investor owns their information and controls exactly who can see it which helps managers to be GDPR compliant.


A Complete and Trusted solution


Experienced FATCA-CRS service ensures fund managers are compliant by reporting only necessary investors to their relevant tax authority.


End-to-End Service developed with KPMG provides automated report submission functionality to the relevant jurisdiction.


Data is reused from Subscription and KYC services to prepare the FATCA return, so minimising requests to investors.


Live dashboard shows clear submission across all fund vehicles and their investors.

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