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Tuesday, February 2, 2021 | The ID Register



The ID Register ( has been licenced by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission to carry on Controlled Investment Business. As the trusted global hub for investor onboarding and registration, regulation supports our single-sign-off service for investors, funds and service providers alike.

Achieving regulated status in a mature and sophisticated jurisdiction such as Guernsey allows:

- INVESTORS to be approved once in a private profile, leaving further KYC requests to us;

- FUND MANAGERS to rely on our approval so giving investors a better experience at lower cost; and

- SERVICE PROVIDERS to reduce risk, lower overheads and win new business


As an independent, neutral hub, The ID Register is trusted by 270 clients with over 25,000 investor profiles as the onboarding authority across the private markets and beyond. Investors control their own Subscription, KYC and FATCA-CRS profile which they need complete only once while fund managers, administrators, banks and regulated service providers can rely on our approval. Our strategic alliances with leading firms including StepStone, Apex, CBRE and others will extend in the coming months as we launch new services backed by long-term investment in the people and technology that underpin our service.


Tim Andrews, Founder of The ID Register said: “Centralised due diligence is an elegant and obvious solution. Approved investors no longer have to repeat their Subscription and KYC information, enjoy greater privacy and can provide due diligence that is fit-for-purpose around the world. Regulated status provides additional assurance of our responsible, expert and caring support for each investor which allows funds to close more quickly, simply and with less fuss anywhere in the world.”

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The ID Register is a trading name of IDR (Guernsey) Limited, licenced in Guernsey with number 2693008.



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