Intern Q & A: An Interview with Cameron Parker

Tuesday, September 21, 2021 | The ID Register


Over the summer we employed our first intern. Cameron Parker successfully developed an internship and work experience programme from scratch, which is now adopted ID Register policy. He also worked on our development system to refresh and hone the way technology testing is carried out. Cameron is now heading to university to study Philosophy and Politics.


Our in house writer at The ID Register, Euan Mahy, caught up with Cameron to find out about his experiences at the company.


Euan. What did you study at school?

Cameron. I did A levels in Economics, Psychology and English Literature.


Euan. And what will you be studying at university?

Cameron. I’m going to the University of York to study Philosophy and Politics. Then I’ll take the law conversion course and plan to specialise in either criminal or public law.


Euan. How did you become The ID Register’s first intern?

Cameron. My mother, Kate Parker, has a number of roles at The ID Register, including Company Secretary, Money Laundering Reporting Officer, Money Laundering Compliance Officer and Compliance Officer. She suggested I speak to Tim Andrews, the company’s founder. We had a chat, which turned into a semi formal interview, and Tim then offered me the internship, a first for The ID Register. Tim was interested in helping my career progression and I was grateful to get the opportunity to work in a FinTech business where I could hone my project management and team working skills.


Euan. What did you work on?

Cameron. The two major areas I worked on were a centralised platform for our technology testing and developing, from scratch, an internship, work experience and graduate programme so that there is a set pathway to follow. It’s called the Accelerator.


Euan. Tell us about the IT testing first?

Cameron.  The ID Register is a FinTech business and we handle a lot of improvements to our application in-house. When our development team release a system update, it needs to be regression tested to make sure that none of the existing functionality is lost while at the same time ensuring the enhancements work as they should. Historically, individual analysts would run their own, manual tests and so I worked on centralising this to free up their time and make testing more efficient.


Euan. How did you do that?

Cameron. I used two programmes, Microsoft DevOps which is the utility used to manage most of the development process and Selenium, which automates testing. With help from some of The ID Register’s staff and my own research, I got to know how both worked. The next job was to centralise testing to allow easy and hands free system tests to run. I organised this and checked it worked. I’m thrilled that the automated testing system has been adopted and is now being used by The ID Register’s staff.


Euan. As The ID Register’s first intern you were tasked with creating a programme for those following in your footsteps?

Cameron. Yes, that’s right. It’s called the Accelerator and it formalises work experience placements, internships, graduate schemes and other training sessions. It was apparent from my first meeting with The ID Register’s founder, Tim Andrews, that he is passionate about career progression and personal development. He sees the value of self-learning and staff upskilling themselves so he’s very open to taking on interns, graduates and apprentice developers. I was the ideal person to develop Accelerator as I lived the experience. It sets out how we’ll reach out to students in Guernsey and further afield, including tapping into Oxford University’s Crankstart programme for disadvantaged students (Oxford is Tim’s Alma mater). It also outlines the pathways and opportunities within The ID Register that interns, apprentices and graduates can expect to follow to get the best possible experience at the company.


Euan. How have you found your time at The ID Register?

Cameron. It’s been challenging but hugely rewarding. The fact that I was able to gain experience executing actual projects was a huge plus. It’s been great preparation for my further studies. It’s been a pleasure to work alongside such supportive staff who have enabled me to make a real impact on the future of the company. I wish The ID Register the best of luck with their goal of becoming the trusted hub of the private markets.


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