If not now, when? If not us, who?


The ID Register is a carbon-neutral organization. We will aim, each and every year, to take at least as much carbon out of the air than we add to it, and as such, to reduce the damage that all of us are making to our planet.


We have worked with www.carbonfootprint.com to:

  1. Calculate our carbon emissions

  2. Reduce them where possible

  3. Offset the remainder


Our report for the latest calculation period shows we produced 4.78 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide. View certificate


For most financial services businesses like ours, the largest carbon contributors are office power and travel. We commit, on an ongoing basis, to:

  Strictly minimise corporate travel miles, while continuing to support client relationships virtually and by carefully planned and scheduled travel.

      We will also seek to minimise power consumption within our premises and;

  To obtain carbon-free power where at all possible.

We have purchased a total of 100 tonnes of carbon offsets in schemes that reflect our business.

Climeworks – carbon capture from air


I am very proud to support Climeworks.com, a pioneering venture in Iceland to remove carbon from thin air and store it underground. For £44 per month, we support the removal of over 600kg of carbon dioxide per annum. We will keep supporting this technology as it scales and will increase our support when we can.

United Nations Carbon Offset Platform


Through The UN’s Carbon Offset Platform, we are also delighted to support the following schemes:

Hydro power: It is clear to see how generating electricity from the power of water directly reduces demand for carbon-emitting power. One of the oldest methods of power generation is helping us to reduce our addition to fossil fuels and we are delighted to support projects in Chile, India and Brazil. View certificates

Lower-carbon stoves:
Providing DelAgua stoves to families in Rwanda reduces the prevalence of open fires for cooking and thus reduces the carbon released by relatively low-heat open fires. Each DelAgua stove cuts carbon emissions by 10 tons over its five-year life reducing household air pollution by 73% and thus improving health. View certificate





It is easy to dismiss these efforts as greenwashing. Guilty companies from advanced economies who are piling on the bandwagon now that climate concerns have risen up the social and political consciousness. And yet, if not us, who is responsible? If not now, when is the right time to act?

We have found it surprisingly difficult to avoid wasting money on calculation and on schemes without proven environmental impact. To this end, the links that we publish here may act as a guide for others and we would be happy to share experience with other organisations.


Tim Andrews, Founder


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