Caitlin Baxter
Caitlin Baxter Development Analyst

Caitlin joined The ID Register in 2017 and is a Development Analyst in the Guernsey office.

Caitlin is responsible for working on the development of The ID Register platform and enhancing its functionality.

“I started my career with the ID Register as a development analyst and quickly began creating reports and providing other technical support to the operational team. The existing systems and database design proved to be very useful in helping me efficiently create new reports to help members from various roles with their daily duties.

I soon moved into a position within the core development team and I found the technology really enjoyable to work with and surprisingly diverse. Within a small amount of time I had helped develop features ranging from administrative tools to regulatory screening systems.

The ID Register and its dedication towards its employees has helped me find a role in which I can make best use of my talents.

I feel like I have already progressed a long way and am confident that The ID Register can take me even further in the future.”