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Supported by the legal community, the Universal Subscription Questionnaire (USQ) standardises the questions within a subscription document which allows funds to launch more quickly and makes investment easier.


Create your due diligence profile on our secure online portal for free. We verify your profile and use real time sanction screening against global sanctions and PEP lists to keep it up to date.


We ensure that each profile remains compliant with multi jurisdictional legislation and work with tax partners such as KPMG to provide reporting for FATCA and CRS.


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Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Every profile on The ID Register is published for free. Our economies of scale allow subscribers across the financial services sector to control the cost of AML and FATCA compliance without further cost to their clients.

Client Friendly

Client Friendly

The ID Register puts an end to multiple submissions of your KYC and Client Due Diligence (CDD) documents to all your investments and service providers by centralising them. Create your profile following our simple step by step guide and then share your live profile with anyone who needs to see your CDD. Our expert analysts will be on hand to answer any questions.



Our profiles are maintained to international standards so that you can use them anywhere as you need. Real time sanctions screening ensures that they reflect world events.

Connect to anyone who needs your CDD

  • Share your CDD and FATCA profile with each of your counterparties.
  • We work in alliance with other professionals, including KPMG, to ensure that each profile remains compliant with evolving FATCA and CRS legislation.
  • We are registered with the Data Protection Commissioner and take all necessary steps to ensure the security of your information.
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Connect to anyone who needs your CDD